To Market, To Market…

And I want you San Diegans to know something. There’s a new farmers’ market in town and its name is… well, we’ll get to that in just a bit.

This new market is just southeast of Petco Park in Barrio Logan, but what separates this from some already popular ones like in Hillcrest, Little Italy, or La Jolla? Well, in less than a year’s time, our city will join the ranks of Seattle, Milwaukee, Barcelona, and many others as one with a permanent Public Market!

In just 16 days, 1,379 Kickstarters (Danny’s name is missing) contributed $146,121 to help Catt White and Dale Steele realize their decade-long dream. The first phase (Farmers’ Market) began on September 19, so we have much to look forward to in the coming months. I made it a point to stop by before watching the last Padres game of the regular, and sadly, non-existent post-season.

Below are just some of the wares to share. Not shown: what Hopkins Ag taught me about unpasteurized almonds. Give it a read.



My day’s highlight had to have been my new (read: only) Ethiopian mom, Hazma. She didn’t have a camera to take pictures of her business, so I offered to send her mine. She fixed me a small plate to thank me, for which I kindly offered payment, but she stubbornly refused. In my eyes, I am now a bona fide photographer! Will work for food!

Give it a whirl and be a part of the transformation. Don’t forget to thank Catt and Dale if you’re lucky enough to see them during your visit. They are the reasons why we will be able to enjoy year-round stalls of artisan goods and beautiful bounties that San Diego has to offer.

Since you can’t exactly buy a fat pig at this market (not yet anyway), maybe my title should’ve been:

From Farmers’ Market to Public Market to buy…

So y’all be cool. Right on.


San Diego Public Market

1735 National Ave.

San Diego, CA  92113


East African Cuisine by Hamza (they also cater)


11 thoughts on “To Market, To Market…

  1. Those were some tasty nuts. I still have the brochure from that place and every time I see it I kick myself for not ordering more of the cinnamon almonds. Mmmm….

    Diggin’ the blog, V!

    • Thanks so much for the tip, Toni! I’ll have to order these and let you know how I like ’em. They remind me of Craft & Commerce’s Bacon Cracker Jacks–good, but not nearly enough bacon if you ask me. =)

      Also, thanks for the comment! I’m glad my first post made its way safely into the blogosphere, especially into the arms of a fellow bacon lover. Cheers and good fooding to you!

  2. Awesome post about San Diego’s public market. I went there this past Sunday and I’m excited to see where it will grow. This blog is an awesome idea! Keep up it up!
    If you like the farmer’s market you might also want to consider doing a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), I’ve been doing for the past 3 weeks and it’s been awesome!!! I’m looking forward to following you on your food adventures! Keep hungry!

    • You’re the first to comment, so thank you! And I’ve been thinking really hard about doing a CSA, but need to start cooking at home more consistently first. Or maybe it’s the other way around, right? Thanks for following! =D

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