It’s No Beanstalk

Self-sustaining: adj.; maintaining or able to maintain oneself or itself by independent effort.

To be completely self-sustainable is a tall order, but one must start somewhere… so where did my journey begin?  Target (or rather, Targé).  In the dollar aisle, no less!

I parted ways with a Washington and whisked home, not to chop down a cherry tree, but to open my Buzzy Grow Kit.  After just a week, I just have to show off the life I helped create, but partly because I may find my thumb is not so green.

They’re alive, they’re alive!

You’ll notice four strong growers and two straggling seedlings (henceforth “sproutlings”) straddling the middle plant.  Ocimum basilicum, or sweet basil, starts with two distinct D-shaped leaves, and what seemed a daunting task in theory is so far so good in practice.

For now, my limited arsenal is armed with six hours of sunlight daily and enough water to keep the soil moist.  When the sproutlings are high enough, I am to re-plant them in a larger container several inches apart, allowing their roots room to thrive.

I have quite a bit more to do and learn about growing basil (indoor vs. outdoor, the many varieties, RECIPES), but another post for another time.

And with that, wish me luck and read up on basil.  Wikipedia knows all.


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