Not So Brittle Candies

Brittle candies are made by combining water, sugar, spices and the star ingredient, or what I call texture, of your choice. The mixture is heated up, then thinly spread on a flat surface to cool, and once hardened becomes brittle to the touch. *light bulb*

Around the holidays, some folks like to get fancy with candy canes and peppermints, but the staple is peanut. Now, when I think of peanut brittle, I picture this:

Well, when Toni, a reader of my San Diego Public Market post, left a comment about Bacon… say no more! Before you could say Bacon Peanut Brittles, I put in my order to New York City’s “The Redhead“–she really did have me at bacon.

I waited on my doorstep through wind, snow, sleet and rain (yes, it’s San Diego, but just go with it). Finally… my brittle pretties arrived! The packaging was a nice and simple brown resealable paper bag bearing the well-known mantra, “Because everything tastes better with bacon.”


Expecting breakable pieces of brittle, I came upon these:

Needless to say, I was surprised and slightly disappointed–no sweet glue connecting the peanuts, no sugary shards to suck on and let melt on my tongue. They aren’t brittles… they’re nuts. My vision was shattered, but let’s just call it a new twist on an old thing. Definitions aside, the taste buds will prevail!

Not exactly. Each small handful was hit or miss–deliciously perfect at times, but mostly either not salty enough, not bacon-y enough, too salty, or dare I say… too bacon-y. *pause for gasps of horror*

I know… I KNOW! I couldn’t believe I thought such a thought, so I conducted a non-scientific survey among fellow bacon lovers and got a very mixed bag of nuts, with reviews ranging from “disgusting” to “love it.” In summation: to each their own?

I’m a believer in second chances (and by default a believer in trying everything at least once), but at $31.99 a pop, it’ll be an expensive do-over. Great idea folks, but the execution fell a brittle short for me this time.


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