Hellooo Eater San Diego!

I wanted to welcome Eater to San Diego. As of November 15, Eater San Diego will be providing fooding news for our very own as they have in many other cities.

I am a little disappointed that I did not get a writing position there, though it would’ve been my first writing gig. Yay for trying, but congrats to Candice Woo for landing the Editor job!

Once I get this baby going a more consistently, the sky is the limit! Who knows, right? Who knows?! Anyway, for those interested, here was my message to them:

I have 28 years of experience as a San Diego native (read: born and raised) and as an ardent lover of my hometown, it would be great to contribute to the promotion of the city’s food-related reputation and events!

As luck would have it, I’m a food enthusiast from a city that I feel only recently found its dining pulse, or at least one that has greater mass appeal and accessibility.  I am a non-profit fund-raiser by way of grant writing, but to devote my creative writing to SD’s F&B industry would be very rewarding personally.

I’m passionate about writing, food and drink, and my city, so to help cultivate, create and craft that dialogue [that] you and your writers strive for in your other cities would be a dream!

Obviously green, but I just wanted to be honest, earnest and most importantly Vietca. =)

Oh well! Give ’em a look-see anyway, but try not to forget about lil’ ol’ me.


3 thoughts on “Hellooo Eater San Diego!

  1. You just gotta keep workin’ at it, sooner or later a gig will come your way. That’s how the folks at the Korea Daily found me.

    Well…it was more of me wandering into their office and Jini laying a well-sprung trap…

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