Prohibition: An Anniversary

prohibition: n.; the legal prohibiting of the manufacture and sale of alcoholic drinks for common consumption in the United States.

The 18th amendment went into effect January 17, 1920 and the 21st amendment ended it 79 years ago today on December 5, 1933, or Repeal Day. Am I the only one who noticed the fun coincidence of 18 and 21 as the typical legal drinking ages in most countries? =)

Lips That Touch Liquor

Seventy-nine years ago today, Prohibition ended in the United States, but, 78 years and 364 days ago today, people were still drinking in the United States.

How did they do it? Well…

speakeasy: n. a place for the illegal sale and consumption of alcoholic drinks, as during Prohibition in the United States.

Of course people will still want to do something even if they were told not to. Don’t push the red button, don’t put the beta fish together, don’t eat curry with braces! That last one was me–what can I say? I live on the edge. =P

On the anniversary of the end of this historic era, I give you three options to celebrate the now legal consumption of “intoxicating liquors” in San Diego:

Noble Experiment

This place is nestled inside The Neighborhood and you must enter a false wall of kegs to get to it. Super neat! Their minimalist website says it all: email with questions and text with commitment.

Noble Experiment

I’ll save you the trouble and give it to you here. You’re welcome.

Reservations are accepted as early as one week before your desired date, by first come, first served basis via text message to the following number: (619) 888-4713.

Please include your name, party size and preferred arrival time.  Due to limited space, we can accommodate parties of up to six people.

Gaslamp Speakeasy (closed in 2015)

It is an extension of Hennessey’s Tavern, and what joint is complete without a set of house rules?

No Religion

No Politics

If you want to approach a lady, you should do so with a drink.

Booths are for communal seating, please invite guests.

If you want a fancy cocktail, its going to take a minute, so please be patient.

Prohibition: a cocktail bar

Prohibition SDIf you don’t know already, drinks at these places aren’t cheap (or any 20s inspired drinks anywhere in this city). For those with thinner wallets, come to Apertif Hour, a.k.a. Happy Hour, Wed.-Sat. to enjoy a lighter cocktail for only $8.

Tonight, they’re celebrating Repeal Day with specials on Whisky Punch and Templeton Rye cocktails AND a live band aptly named Bourbon Outfitters.


Enjoy and if you need a so-called partner in crime, today or any other, I will gladly take you up on your offer.


Peanuts for your gallery thoughts?

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