Crawfish, Crawfish, Crawfish

If you said that as you would’ve, “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha,” then we’re on the same page today. If not… well, we might be now. Anyway… =)

crawfish :: crayfish :: crawdad :: delicious morsels from the sea!

With the look of a miniature lobster, but no regulated fishing season as their larger look-alikes, you can enjoy crawfish year-round. The prime falls between March-June when the specimen are larger, and easier to peel and eat.


Few friends love crawfish as much as I do, for they find it is too much work for the payout. Thus, they prefer crab legs, a food I, conversely, find too much work.

/beginrant I can never get a piece out whole! /endrant

One of my favorite ways to enjoy these little critters is via crawfish boil, so how excited was I to hear that The Local Habit was doing one this Saturday in honor of Mardi Gras?! I will likely be getting my bib on for this madness, so maybe I will see you there!



Peanuts for your gallery thoughts?

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