Surf Fishing in San Diego!

My one and only fishing excursion was a half-day trip during which I spent an hour feeling seasick, so imagine my excitement when Bender said I could fish from the comfort of solid ground! Imagine my further excitement when he said he’d cook what I catch! Okay, maybe he was voluntold, but a minor detail!

Bender and I left for for Del Mar Beach, Calif. with our friend Hermes, our photographer and videographer (oh yes, there’s video), to begin our adventure. Once there, Bender taught me how to set-up my fishing rod.

Down the MiddleStep #1: construct your rod, ensuring all the rings are lined up. I’m pretty proud of this picture, actually. =)

Fact #1: “Surf fishing” is a general term for all types of shore fishing, which includes casting from piers and jetties, and is almost exclusively done in saltwater. More specifically, I went “surfcasting” or “beachcasting” where the casting is done from the beach.

I don't know what I'm doing...Step #2: thread the fishing line through the rings of the rod.

That look right there is either of sheer concentration or utter confusion. You decide.

Don’t know why though, as it’s the easiest step… threading a needle. Must be because I’m tall and awkward and still learning how to use my limbs, haha.

Fact #2: Your success hinges on the time of day you go and the state of the tide.

Hooks, lines, and sinkersStep #3: attach your terminal tackle. For this day, we used a “carolina rig.”

If you don’t know what a terminal tackle and carolina rig are, don’t worry, I didn’t either.

Fact #3: In Southern California, you can catch surfperch, croaker, corbina, and halibut, and if you’re lucky, a leopard shark.

A Different Kind of PoleStep #4: Smile and look like you accomplished something!

Fact #4: This government guide gives you the official skinny, while SC Surf Fishing is a more comprehensive source that includes forums, pictures, tips and tricks.

Now that I look the part, can I play the part? Watch this video (my first Youtube upload AND my first time editing video) and see what transpires. =)

Water, water, everywhere...And yes, I did eventually go into the water, haha.

Isn't he cute?!Finally, this begs the question: after all this, did I catch anything? Why, yes, yes I did! Isn’t it just adorable? Oh, and the fish is cute too. =D

Anyway, I threw the little guy back because he was too little to keep, but a catch is a catch! That’s all from me today. Hope you enjoyed my little adventure!


2 thoughts on “Surf Fishing in San Diego!

  1. Never been fishing in San Diego, but will look into it. Also never been surf fishing, if i’m honest i never even knew it was a thing. Looks like you caught something though

    • I don’t fish often, but would like to get more into it, especially the deep sea excursions. I did a half trip, but it only made me want to do a full day one instead. That day will come when I’ll come to you for fish finder reviews! =)

      Let me know when you do try surf fishing! It was actually quite fun, even though I didn’t catch anything for keeps.

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