It’s Back! A Little AYCE at Little Sheep

venue-1522History doesn’t always repeat itself, but when it comes to the Little Sheep here in San Diego, you can count on it. Once again, AYCE Mongolian hot pot returns the first Tuesday of May (yes, that’s TOMOROW) as expected, per tradition since 2012. Prepare for long lines of 2+ hours if you come after 6 p.m.. Parties of four are manageable, but be wary regardless!

“What is hot pot?” you say? Well, to put it simply (and for those who didn’t already click on the Wiki link): cooking food at your own table in a stock of liquid. The kind of ingredients or stock used depend on the country. The Japanese and Taiwanese have shabu shabu whose stock is generally water or on the healthier side. The Chinese also do hot pot as do the Thai (Thai Suki ) and the Vietnamese have their lầu.

Enjoy this weekly Tuesday special, good all day!




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