Cocktail City San Diego, a.k.a. Free Booze + Music

Cocktail City made San Diego their second home after premiering in Vegas in 2013, and you should pay attention if you haven’t been already.

Since their summer debut, they continue to serve two purposes: 1) provide a social space that includes a hosted bar, and 2) curtail admission into one of San Diego’s newest venues, Omnia Nightclub, for everyone. TL;DR: free drinks and cover; guys too!

EC Twins at Omnia San Diego

If you’re not into EDM, then enjoy a few drinks on the beautiful Omnia (formerly Stingaree) rooftop before strolling through Gaslamp Quarter. If you are, then stay after for a set by world renowned DJs. So far, Benny Benassi, Krewella, and EC Twins, provided the post-Cocktail City entertainment. The format is standard: bar is open for 90 minutes, or until drinks run dry, and the main event DJs for 30 minutes (usually around 11:30 PM), or longer if they’re feeling generous.

I’ve been when drinks only lasted 45 minutes and the DJ (Benny) only stayed for a half hour. I’ve also been when they never ran out of alcohol and the DJ (EC Twins) went for well over an hour, but began well after midnight. YMMV (Your Music May Vary), so it’s best to keep expectations low and not be in a rush.

The next event is this Friday, October 23, where Chuckie will perform a set before heading up to Vegas’ Omnia to perform there the next night. RSVP here for up to six (6) guests. Don’t say I never did anything nice for you. See you there, and don’t forget to tip your bartenders. Everything is literally free… you have no excuse.

Chuckie at Cocktail City San Diego


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