Pi Day Specials: 2016

Last year, Pi Day was a much bigger deal for math and pie afficionados alike. This year, it’s a little… rounder. Teehee…

Anyway, there isn’t as much hype, but here are a few deals nonetheless. I’ve included some LA deals for the other half of SoCal. =)

* Atticus Creamery & Pies, Los Angeles

Buy their mini-pies for just $3.14 today until 10 PM!

* Blaze, various locations (San Diegans: Clairemont)


Once again, Blaze is offering slices for just $3.14 but this year, there’s a SnapChat twist for an extra perk.

Made in Brooklyn Food TruckMade in Brooklyn, food truck parked at 3000 W Olympic Blvd. in Los Angeles

They are brand new and opened just in time for half-off whole pies (including gluten-free options) from 11:30am-2:30pm.

Pitfire Pi Day* Pitfire Pizza, Los Angeles

Blaze may have slices for $3.14, but how about an entire pizza?! Yup, all you need is social media. Dine-in special only, prove to them you follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and get your pizza pie on. There’s a limit of one per person and Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. There’s a limit of one pizza per person valid until 3:14 PM.

An additional contest includes a free pizza per month for an entire year for the person who can recite the pi to the greatest decimal points.

*Pizza Hut Logo Pizza Hut, nationwide

They’re doing a special contest to give away 3.14 years of pizza for those who can answer three math questions. Two have already been solved, so for those up to the task, give it a shot.

Fun fact: famed Princeton mathematics professor John H. Conway came up with the questions and range in difficulty from high school to PhD level.


Pizzeria Mozza, Los Angeles

They’re offering slices of their Margherita pizzettes and Meyer lemon gelato pies for $3.14 today, sweet and savory!


Republic of PieRepublic of Pie, Los Angeles

There’s a pie eating contest for who can, hands-free, finish the most pies in 15 minutes at 2 PM. The winner gets a $50 gift card.

Shake Shack

* Shake Shack, various locations

The closest location in SoCal is Los Angeles and they’re offering $3.14 Pie Oh My Concretes.

simplethings, Los Angeles

Their lunch special for today is one savory pot pie with a side of greens and a sweet cutie pie for $12.


* Whole Foods, various locations

They’re offering a $3.14 discount on their pies and a $2  discount on their take-and-bake pizzas. If you’re feeling ambitious, their blog offers some recipes to try at home.


Peanuts for your gallery thoughts?

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