Liberty Public Market Shops (Updated 4.8.16)

Here is a current list of shops at the Liberty Public Market, which opened Monday, March 21, 2016. I’ll keep it updated as shops move in, and if any move out. Enjoy!


ae-logo-1024x490AE Floral

A floral shop for your decor and special occasion needs, specializing in weddings and corporate events.

PrintBaker & Olive

They have multiple locations in San Diego, and their market location should be up and running by Monday, April 11.

bottlecraftlogoBottlecraft Beer Shop

What will undoubtedly be the most frequented shop, it offers the majority of the seating in the market aside from the patio. With over two dozen taps, it’s hard not to find at least one flavor for your fancy. You can also get served a plastic cup so you can peruse the market at your leisure.something classier about walking around with a plastic cup when it’s not red.

cane patch kitchen.cdrCane Patch Kitchen

Born from a merger between Cane Patch Pies and Healthy Soul, inspired by South Carolina and Louisiana cooking. I’ve always had a great love for southern cooking and culture, and my favorite trip was to New Orleans. I also love me some sweet tea, so I’m definitely bee-lining it here on my next visit. P.S. P.S. You can even order online!

ceciliaslogoCecilia’s Taqueria

It’s hard to get behind a clean, non-hole-in-the-wall taqueria in San Diego, but Cecilia (yes, she’s a real person!) began as a caterer so I have higher hopes. Thanks to the market, she now has a brick-and-mortar home and only time will tell about its authenticity.

logo-1Crafted Baked Goods

The other half of Scooped by Mootime, you can get your carb-fix here. Pretzels, baked goods, and other pastry dreams for your pleasure.

Ffishbonelogo-1ishbone Kitchen

One of three co-owners, Dan Nattrass, started the Catalina Offshore fresh fish program over 20 years ago, is bringing sustainable seafood to the market. There’s a raw oyster bar along with other fresh preparations–salads, ceviches, uni–but make time since there are only 12 seats available.

ii_1537bf29a93d8651-915x1024Fully Loaded Micro Juicery

Now, instead of going all the way up to Encinitas, you can go to Point Loma for your juicing needs. Their organic and even sell cleanses if you’re into that.

Garden Fresh

Get your produce here if you want to squeeze in some shopping during work.

ii_1537bf5a68c250e5-876x1024Grape Smuggler

Your one-stop shop for your whining and wining needs. The cellar houses 5,000 bottles from around the world, so there is bound to be something suitable for your palate and price range.


Natural, eco-friendly pet products.

leparfaitlogoLe Parfait Paris

Who doesn’t love pastries?! It was all I could do but resist the pastries here. Everything looked great and for now, I envision they taste great, too. Cakes, croissants, macarons, and more! Great snacking!

Liberty Meat Shoplibertymeat-logo

NTC’s very own butcher shop serving all-natural meats, but we try their slow-roasted pork sandwich. The bread istough and the meat, though tender, is bland when it isn’t too sweet.

localgreenslogoLocal Greens

They have a North County location and have found a second home down here. I’m noticing a theme here. Eat here if you want a healthy alternative for your meal. Fresh and clean!

mamamadelogoMama Made Thai Cuisine

I was really looking forward to this stop, but unfortunately, Mama’s appetizers weren’t ready, so I moved along, but I’ll be back for sure!

mass-logoMastiff Sausage Company

These past few years, a couple other sausage locales have spurned–S&M, Salt & Cleaver–and now Mastiff! I’ll try it one day, but probably not the sausages first, but the fries! Yes, they have a meatless option, but I’m eyeing the porky one with ham, bacon crumbles, and sausage.

Mess-Hall-logo-1024x1024Mess Hall

There is a full-service restaurant adjacent to Bottlecraft that serves a daily-evolving menu made with only items found at the market. It’s a neat concept and the menu that day looked fantastic. If only I had seen it before I made my choices–some meat and cheese boards and an array of flatbreads.


pacificprovisions_logo-1024x787Pacific Provisions

This is an expansion of the Desert Smoke brand, bringing their line of BBQ and hot sauces, and seasonings for their first retail store. Not only will products from San Diego be featured, there will be items from California and the Pacific Region.

Paraná Empanadas Argentinas

paranalogoNow, you no longer have to wait for them at your favorite farmers markets. We try three of their empanadas–beef, margherita, and chicken–and the filling of the first is the best. The rest was decent, less because of the filling but more because of the crust–it is slightly dry and overcooked. They have three sauces and, by far, the best one is the cucumber one.

pasta_menu_left_6_cPasta Design

I love making my own pasta, but it’s so much easier when someone else does it, so Pasta Design to the rescue! Have it for lunch and take some home for later.

Roast Sandwich Shop

Coming soon! I expect good bread, good meat for good sandwiches!

Scooped Logo outlinedScooped by Mootime

The last time I saw a Mootime was by the Vons near UCSD when I was still in school. No, you can’t ask my age. Moving along.

The point is, I thought they went away, but here they are with a pretty sweet (teehee) location at the market. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a stop here, the other half of Crafted Baked Goods.


If I hadn’t had two burgers in two days, I would’ve stopped by here as I’m always on the hunt for a good one. These are special because they stuff their patties with goodness and I can’t wait to stuff my face like a lady.

venissimologoVenissimo Cheese

All your cheesy needs can be found here, not just for the pantry but for your joke noggin. One of their totes reads, “Talk curdy to me.” And I thought I loved cheese before.

westbean-1West Bean Coffee Roasters

Great coffee stop if you tire of the Starbucks option in the area. They even have cold brew on nitro (which is really good). Stop by for your local caffeine fix.

wickedmainelogoWicked Maine Lobster

Surprisingly a San Diego brand, get your Connecticut and Maine lobster rolls with great sides like mac and cheese and bisque. Great portions at a hefty price tag with market price meat, but I think it’s well-worth the try.


Peanuts for your gallery thoughts?

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