Little Sheep in Mira Mesa

Little Sheep Mira Mesa Rendering 2

Baa Ram Ewe, sheep be true! As in, it’s true that Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot is coming to Mira Mesa!

From the ashes of where Play It Again Sports once stood, Little Sheep’s second location will rise, giving Mira Mesa more hip eating options.

hot pot

Luckily for me, I went to school with one of the owners, Michael Wu, so he was happy to catch up and share some details about this new endeavor. “We looked at North County, but Mira Mesa was a location I always wanted to be in. This location, I looked at a long time ago, but it wasn’t available; now it is.” Not coincidentally, our high school is just down the street from there.

Construction began in August with the intent of opening before Christmas, but if there are any delays, January at the latest. Between the two locations, they’ll have a similar color scheme, family-friendly feel, and approximate size; however, Mira Mesa’s  will have a more refreshed dining environment with decor that is more comfy and modern. After the dust settles for the second location, they’ll give the Clairemont location a face lift.

Little Sheep Mira Mesa Rendering 1

Little Sheep Mira Mesa Rendering 2

A notable and exciting difference will be the offering of local craft beer. They may not be available in time for the grand opening, but should be within the first three months.

You might be wondering if there’ll be any crazy specials for the opening. Down the road, maybe, but their main goal is to ensure they have consistent quality in customer service and food. They should be ready for a special sneak peak for friends and family, and the media.

I’ll keep you posted on the exact dates once they’re confirmed, but get your appetites ready, folks!


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