Happy National Moscow Mule Day!

Copper bottoms up, folks, because not only is today National Moscow Mule Day, it’s also Friday, and for some… PAY DAY!

Fun fact: it falls on the 3rd because there are three ingredients in this drink: vodka, ginger beer, lime juice, with a lime garnish. (cue light bulb)

Level 2 fun fact: turn the 3’s on their sides to say M-M. (cue bigger light bulb)

Level 3 fun fact: calling it a mule was a clever play on words for it’s technical term, a buck, or rather, any cocktail that involves ginger beer/ale and citrus juices. I’ve even read somewhere that if you add absinthe, it becomes a donkey. (Okay, that one is less exciting…)

Icy Cold Moscow Mules

This refreshing cocktail was invented in 1941, but as to where and by whom, there are two sides.

  1. John G. Martin of Heublein, Inc., who acquired the rights to Smirnoff Vodka in 1938, and John “Jack” Morgan of Cock ‘n’ Bull bar, and producer of a ginger beer of the same name, created the drink to sell more of their ailing products. There are stories that it started in Manhattan at the Chatham Hotel, but many stick to the bar in Santa Monica, CA.
  2. The bar’s head bartender, Wes Prince, said the cocktail was his invention borne out of some spring cleaning: “I just wanted to clean out the basement. I was trying to get rid of a lot of dead stock.” He first served it to actor Broderick Crawford and “it caught on like wildfire.”

A deeper read will give you more context and insight on how copper mugs came into the picture, but for those itching for the 5 o’clock somewhere, here are some recipes for you to try at home, starting with my own. If you don’t want to do the work, hit up Koi Bar & Lounge and I’ll make you one myself. They’re doing a $6 special all month for their Mule Madness. =)

Kentucky Mule

If you’re like me and want a spirit that bites back, substitute the clear for a brown of your choice, add some bitters, and there you have it. I promise you won’t regret it.

1.5 oz. bourbon

0.5 oz. lime

2 dashes of Angostura bitters ()

Fill with ginger beer (I like Goslings and Fever Tree)

  1. The Garden Mule (featured in Huffington Post)
  2. Apple Cider Moscow Mule (good for the winter)
  3. Mexican Mule (bites you back harder than bourbon)
  4. Moscow Mule Jello Shots (if you’re feeling college-y AND classy)
  5. Strawberry Moscow Mule (great for the summer)
  6. Gin Buck (my favorite spirit)
  7. Jamaican Mule (basically a Dark ‘n’ Stormy with lime juice)

Peanuts for your gallery thoughts?

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