K Sandwiches Is Rebuilding!

K Sandwiches has finally started rebuilding! Nearly two years after a kitchen fire burned down the beloved Vietnamese sandwich shop, construction is finally underway.

The action was pending approval since November 2016, but on March 6, they announced the start of construction. It’s on my work commute route, so I quickly pulled over to snap this pic of it about a month ago during the early stages of the rebuild.

K Sandwiches Rebuilding Construction

And this one was taken earlier today! COMING SOON!

K Sandwiches Construction (5.31.17)

Hailing from Linda Vista myself, it’s really nice to see our little community rally behind this local business, including starting a GoFundMe page. It’s delighting to re-add this spot back onto the slowly-growing list of must-have gems like Sab-E-Lee, Thai Papaya, Homestyle Hawaiian, Sushi Diner, Pho Hoa #2, and another favorite banh mi place of mine, Avian Fresh Drinking Water. Just… just trust me on that last one. =)

There is no set date yet, but word on the street says late this summer. So begins the waiting game.

Although it won’t necessarily be bigger, the newer 2.0 will undoubtedly be better. Can’t wait! Meanwhile, keep checking this post for more updates!


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