Phuong Trang Closed for Renovations

Sorry Temporarily Closed

Phuong Trang Logo

Local foodie favorite, Phuong Trang Restaurant, is closed for renovations for the month of August and will re-open for business September 1.

Despite making an online announcement and posted signs, people who casually drove by feared the worst as they saw a vacant Convoy Plaza parking lot.

It’s long overdue, really. Being a native of Linda Vista, knowing they put their roots down there in 1988 gives me great pride. After moving to their current location in 1992, they created a voice and cured many a-palates for the Vietnamese community and cuisine. This year marks their 25th anniversary, so it’s only fitting they give it a new face, but still maintain their traditional menu of 200+ dishes.

Have no fear, their return is imminent, so you’ll have to do without their mad delicious garlic butter chicken wings for a few weeks.

Sorry Temporarily Closed


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