Out to Launch: 85 Degrees Bakery, San Diego

Calling all lovers of loaves and buddies of bread, 85 Degrees Bakery is opening in San Diego THIS FRIDAY, November 14, 2014! They will be located at 5575 Balboa Ave., San Diego, CA  92111 in the Balboa Mesa Shopping Center.

Yes, fulfill your fantasies of flakey goodness starting at 10a until midnight. After the grand opening, their regular operating hours are:

Sunday – Thursday: 7a-10p

Friday – Saturday: 7a-midnight

As you are preparing your tents for the grand opening, yours truly was able to nab an invite to their soft opening this Thursday! I’ll report back on my carbo load session! Signing out!


San Diego Runs On Dunkin’… FINALLY!

FINALLY, the elusive East Coast chain has graced San Diego with its presence, publicly anyway. There IS a Dunkin’ Donuts in SD, but is inaccessible to most, being located inside the Camp Pendleton base and all.

Well, loosen your belts and knock back some donuts and brew. Tucked inside the Embassy Suites and paired with a Baskin-Robbins, doors opened Monday morning to receive hundreds of people awaiting their tasty treats. I do wonder how many people will actually go to Baskin-Robbins instead, but we’ll see.


The last time a donut shop caused this much of a stir was in April 2001 when Krispy Kreme opened its first San Diego location in Clairemont. I remember I resisted ditching school to wait hours in line. Instead, I just had my delinquent friends bring some back for me. #NotTooCoolForSchool =)

My first Dunkin’ experience was with Danny, Guang, Chris, and Jackie (HI!) at the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport in February 2011. It was also a DD/BR combo (maybe it’s a thing?), and I remember their coffee really hit the spot.

Fun fact: the previous tenant was a Starbucks that chose not to renew its lease. Seems like Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins didn’t take their sweet time in scooping up this location. 😉

H/T to Jen B. for letting me know about the opening. ❤


Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin-Robbins

601 Pacific Highway

San Diego, CA  92101

85 Degrees Bakery in San Diego!

85 Degrees Bakery

The rumors are true! There will be an 85°C Bakery opening up off the corner of Balboa Avenue and Genesee Avenue!*

I am not ashamed to admit that I had never heard of such bakeries until I watched the first season of “Hajime no Ippo” and Ippo’s love interest worked at one.

You can say it’s… crumby (thanks Da-leh) that San Diego fans of the Taiwanese chain must currently make the tedious drive to Irvine, our nearest location, for their popular pastries and drinks.

They’re expanding swiftly with 10 other locations, including a solo store in Northern California, and their most recent grand opening in Cerritos on January 24th of this year.

Asian bakeries are common in San Diego, so let’s give them a shout out before they’re overshadowed by the hype from the many 85° suitors out there:


Pangea Bakery Cafe (Kearny Mesa): this Taiwanese store has pastries, coffee, tea, sandwiches, and entrees, and it’s a great place to get work done.

Paris Baguette: this Korean chain is nestled inside, of course, H Mart and Zion Market. They even offer their own version of the cronut, which sells out pretty quickly if you’re not an early bird.

Paris Baguette

Huy Ky Bakery (City Heights): any Vietnamese kid remembers those hideously frosted cakes with sides of almond slivers, and delicious fruit filling. This is the bakery that fed my birthdays growing up. I still love green coconut to this day.

Cali Baguette (Kearny Mesa, Mira Mesa, El Cajon (a drive-thru), and a sit-down in Chula Vista): : this relatively new local chain offers plenty of banh mi selections, or you can buy baguettes baked fresh daily. My personal favorite though is the Pate Chaud a.k.a. MEAT PIE! Ahem… I mean, delicious steamed pork in a flaky puff pastry shell.

Cristy’s Bakery (Mira Mesa) and Filipino Food Bakery (Barrio Logan) are popular with the latter offering macarons (see this previous post regarding macarons vs. macaroons) from a pal of mine. Check ’em out–The Macaron Studio!

On a separate note, 85° (or 85°C, 85C Bakery, whatever you wish to call it) is accepting applications. Just make sure you don’t give them back your entire paycheck or that’s several extra trips to the gym. As for me, maybe this is my year to run my first half-marathon with so many carbo-load options. =)

* Source: Clairemont Central