Pliny the Younger: The Hunt Is On!

Hello my beer dears! I’m going hunting! No, not for you (though some new beer friends would be fun). I’m gonna get me my first taste of some Pliny the Younger, the second in a series to one of the few IPAs I actually like.

As many of you may know, Russian River Brewing, in Santa Rosa, Calif., has a notable flagship brew, Pliny the Elder, a double IPA that’ll kick you kindly in the face. Who are Pliny the Elder and Younger? Yes, they were real people. Check out their respective Wiki pages here and here.

Anyway, every first Friday of February, RR does a limited release of PTY, a triple IPA that kicks you a little less kindly in the face, but supposedly well worth the wait.

RR Pliny the Younger

Fortunately, RR likes to share and sends small (and I mean SMALL) amounts to select locations! You’ll get a few days, a few hours, or sometimes no notice at all, of when it’s tapped, and fortunately for you, I also like to share (my research).

Lines can get Black Friday-esque, so good luck and get on it; otherwise, you’re not getting any Younger. #seewhatididthere

Confirmed Dates:

Churchill’s Pub & Grille (San Marcos), March 1, 11:00am: it will be included in their Renaissance Anniversary and Finest Hour release. I’ve heard some wait overnight for this.

Encinitas Ale House, February 24, 4:00pm: confirmed on their event page, which coincides with their Rare Beer Mondays, but I see pictures on their Facebook page of people enjoying it yesterday. No one picked up on my call, so it’s a dice roll here, folks.

The Neighborhood (Downtown SD), February 24, 5:oopm: yup… that’s TODAY! I just called and there is currently no line, sooo… GO… GO NOW!

SD Tap Room (Pacific Beach), February 26, 5:00pm: their second tapping is the same as their first: first come, first served for the first 100 people in line.


Blind Lady Ale House: BLAH already sold out for their charity event, but who knows if they’ll have a separate keg for the public.

Breakwater Brewing: they tapped it last year and said to keep an eye on their FB page if they get one this year.

Live Wire: they did a tapping last year, I believe, but no word on it this year. PS. Their answering machine greeting is… unique…

O’Brien’s Pub: yes, they, too, already tapped a keg this past weekend, and the second tap is Wednesday for a sold-out charity event. Keep a close eye on their enews or social media updates!

Pizza Port, Ocean Beach: I called them personally to find out that they have the keg and the tapping will likely be tomorrow or Wednesday! They’ll announce it on their Facebook page!

Stone Brewery: they’re the distributors for RR here in SD, so they should have the most to give. They did sell out next month’s Beer & Cigar Dinner, which includes a PTY pairing, so I would guess a public release sometime around there.

TigerTiger!: the sister location to BLAH, also sold out their charity event, but they did have a clue on FB and Twitter to join their mailing list… so… here you go.

Urge Gastropub: they are confirmed to have it, but is giving away nothing as to when. They will definitely post to their social media feeds, so look out there! Their Twitter page has a picture of The Elder. Cute. =)

All Tapped Out:

* Downtown Johnny Brown’s * Hamilton’s Tavern * Pizza Port, all other locations * San Diego Brewing Co.Toronado *

Please comment if you know of any I missed!


Extra, Extra! Beer, All About It!

image_thumb23Do you like beer? Do you wanna be on TV?

If you answered ‘no’ to the former, then we need to talk. If you answered ‘yes’ to the latter, then read on!

Beer Geeks is a new show from the creators of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. It’s about craft beer so of course they would come to San Diego!

They need extras! Hit up Port Brewing, a.k.a. The Lost Abbey, at 4:30 p.m. today and tomorrow, and get your geek on!

Have a hoppy time! Don’t let the fame get to your head. It is futile resisting my jokes. Just let them brew a little. They’ll sink in. =)